Online Private Yoga Sessions

Too busy to commute to a yoga class? Wanting a personalized class that meets your goals and needs? In need of regular accountability? You want to try yoga but don't want to go to a yoga class? Or you already have a regular practice; but want to be challenged more? Have an Injury you're working with? These are just a few of many reasons and benefits to booking an online yoga session.

Our online yoga classes are designed and personalized for you! Whether you want to focus on your tight hips or balance. Getting stronger and more stable in poses or you want to focus on rest and relaxation we will create a class just for you! 

All classes are recorded via zoom and then emailed out to you the next day to play back at your leisure. Classes can be made to suit whatever time you can realistically make 20/30/40/50/60min class available just ask Ivory. Keep your costs low by adding up to 4 participants per call (an additional $5 per person).


(you've got nothing to loose)

Online sound healing and yoga coming soon!!!

Child Pose

Online Yin Yoga

A slow-paced yoga sequence designed to work into the deep muscle fascia. This practice is designed to get your chi (energy force) moving again.  Postures are held for 3-5mins to allow the body and mind to get into a meditative and relaxed state.  Great for people feeling in fight or flight mode and who are in need of a deep rest and reset.

Pilates Practice

Online Strength & Core Yoga Session

A class, specifically designed to help students access and understand their core which improves alignment and stability.  We will also work on strengthening the rest of the body too! Get your muscles moving through this sweaty session. As well as connecting the mind and body. 


Online Yoga Flow

Designed for all levels. This session will focus on moving with the breath and the traditional sun salutations. Followed by some deep stretching and relaxation.


Online Meditation & Breathwork Session

In this session we will use different traditional breathing techniques and visualization to focus the mind and  work towards bringing the mind into a meditative state. We will work on observing the mind and sitting still. If your interested in starting a regular meditation practice this is for you!