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Conscious Conversations

Follow Your Intuition

Do You Have a Hard Time Making Decision?

Do You Have a Hard Time Discerning your Mind from your Heart?

Melissa Marina my Intuitive friend, helps me decipher how to make decisions by tuning into my body and my own intuition

We also do a collective card pull from her power of surrender deck

What Does Self Love Mean to You?

Do you run around with your head cut off?

Are you Constantly Giving? Does Everyone else's needs come before yours?

Do you Feel Burnt Out and Need a Rest?

During this talk Brianne Raddatz myself talk about our Self-Love Rituals and Practices and How to Start Putting Yourself First!!!!

-ps you are Worthy and Deserving of Love!

Essential Oils & Emotions

Do You Struggle with?
-emotional eating
My dear friend Suzan and I cover all of these topic and more....
This one is for you if you are looking for...
-100% natural
-looking for a pharmaceutical alternative?

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