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Yoga with Ivory

Explore Experience Dive Inwards 


Women's Self Love

Retreat Weekend

March 10th-12th

Loving Couple

Partner Yoga & Wine Night


Feb 10th or Feb 11th

SUP Yoga Couple

SUp YOga

Summer 2023

Focused Mind

Conscious Conversations


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Hi I am Ivory

200 Hour Certified Yoga Instructor

With Speciality in Restorative Yoga and Meditation


My intention is to help facilitate you to a quiet place of being where you can connect with yourself; where you can find your own clarity and understanding of your path to the highest expression of fulfillment/joy/and bliss for you. I believe yoga to be the path of awareness to help us fully actualize our truest potential and our highest truth.


I hope to facilitate experience’s that bring you into higher states of being. Where you can embody  all of the things we are taught on the mat, off of the mat… balance, patience, alignment, joy, stillness… etc. Or at the very least have some fun and a few laughs along the way.